A blog a week.. the Transit of Venus

Hello there everyone, hope you are all good and well in this cool time of year.

This is my blog for next week as I will be away in Tikitiki all week for a Reo Wananga I don’t think I will get a chance to do this when I get back.

Did you all hear about the turning event of the century?? – it happens in pairs 8 years apart (between 105 – 121 years) or something like that.

Well this just happened to be on Wednesday the 6th of June.. the day that Venus passed the Sun over a six hour period, also the day my mum flew back from Ozzy with her brother Jack for their brothers 1st year anniversay since hes been gone and their mums 8th year anniversary on Friday.

So as well as getting to see the tiny spec ‘Venus’ pass in front of the largest star in the universe ‘the Sun’ I also got to see me mum… Awesome.

Here are some photos I took of all the people I got to share the experience with.. the siting of the Transit of Venus.. from 10.30am till about 11.30, 12pm. Brother Alex McMennamin, Waitangi Kupenga, Dave Cameron, Erin Morse and Tina Osbourne.

We had so much fun getting lost in Star Gazing we forgot what the time was.. The welding mask (compliments of Muck.. shott) we got to see a clear image of the sun through the green lens and once you focused your eyes on the sun for a while could you see the tiny spec they call Venus.. at 5 o’clock on the sun. What a way to spend the day. I hope those of you that did get to catch a glimpse of it had just as much fun as we did.

Thanks for reading. Till next time. Farewell and be well.

Lee. 🙂


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