Uku.. Oxides.. Kiln Firing

Kia ora everyone, I Hope you are enjoying the sunshine as it is a beautiful day here in Gisborne.

Today I thought I would share some of the photos I took this week during our uku (clay) firing that happened on Wednesday with Dave Cameron and some of the processes we had to go through before firing our pieces of artwork.

The pictures below are of the works I contributed to this firing. The 1st photo is uku that has been fired in the kilm (1st firing= Bisque), the next three photos show oxide (heavy metal powder mixed with water) applied with a sponge to uku and wiped back with a sponge and water in areas to create a lighter effect. This happens before firing and it is left to dry before stacking in the kilm.


Below are photos of the people I worked close with on the day of preparing our uku for the oxide firing… Erin Kilmartin and Waitangi Kupenga in their 3rd Year Degree at Toihoukura with their mahi and Dave Cameron our Kaitiaki of the Uku area who is also an ex – Grauate of Toihoukura.

This was a very fun and experimental day for us. In the last photo you can see Dave next to the kilm which is open and being stacked ready for the Oxide firing to commence.


Below is the results of a successful oxide firing, this medium has a lot of little factors that if not aware of things can turn out to be not quite as planned. The colours of my pieces were not the exact look I was going for.. similar.. but with that firing and recording of the oxides I used, I know what will work better next time I decide to oxide. It is all a matter of trial and error – nevertheless these pieces will still be cherished and used for gifts.


I hope you all enjoyed reading. Till next time. Take care and have a great weekend.

Thanks. Lee. 🙂


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