Alistair Cooke

These works are beautiful and I like your meaning behind them.. it’s so easy to take things for granted especially something as simple as dance


2 thoughts on “Alistair Cooke

  1. beautiful

    to me tattooing and receiving a tattoo is a big and a serious moment in ones life.
    i really love it when this feeling is mutual. it was a beautiful day, beautiful meeting.
    For a long time i tried to find another name for what i was doing, cuz what people associate “tattoos” with, is not what i am doing. i love that u call it ta moko 🙂

    thank u for the hieke
    thank u for the skin
    thank u for carrying my mahi

    1. Awesome Teho.. thank you for the comment.. It was an awesome time, and thank you for sharing that moment with me, I feel very privilledged and honoured to wear your mahi. I hope that wherever u r u have an amazing time and could you you please let me know how to follow your blog.. due to the slight language barrier i couldn’t figure it out. 🙂 Thank u

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