Kakahu & Korowai – Weavers Hui 2011





Hi there Everyone,

After my last blog I was thinking about some beautiful Kakahu me Korowai I was priviledged to see along with many other friends from Class of ‘2011’ at Toihoukura. Thank you to Kaia Hawkins whom I believe photographed these amazing shots of the Weavers Hui 2011 in Kawhia who is pictured above. Also featured in these photos above is Waitangi Kupenga current Degree Student at Toihoukura as well as last years Ruanuku Recipient and soon to be Degree Graduate of Toihoukura, Hone Bailey.

Before we get to all the Kakahu and Korowai I’d just like to say Thank you to all My Tutors, especially Tina Wirihana, who has mentored me over the last couple years and hopefully many more about the Art of Raranga (Weaving)and many other things related to my work practice. Thank you for your time, your listening ear and experience that have made my work practice the most challenging yet exciting thing I have involved myself in.

To all the Awesome Weavers that I have been priviledged to meet before, during and after my time at Toihoukura Thank you for your wonderful Thoughts, Knowledge, Wisdom and Friendship – I hope to still work with you all in the Future and wish you all the best with your future successes.

I blogged ealier in my series of ‘The Update’ about the ‘Weavers Hui of 2011 in Kawhia and these are photos of some of the many Awesome Weavers and Artists I have worked alongside and witnessed the many of their Beautiful Creations at Toihoukura – School of Maori Visual Arts & Design.

Today I have decided to post pictures on the other half of the Story. The Most Amazing day-the ‘Powhiri’ (Welcoming) of all the different attendees: The Hosts (No Kawhia)and the Manuhiri (Combined groups of Weavers from throughout the ‘Motu’ (Island – NZ) who come together once Every 2 Years as a Part of the Collective TRRWOA- Te Roopu Raranga Whatu o Aotearoa- The National Weavers Group of New Zealand) Master, Senior and Junior Weavers. This was an Amazing Experience being around Large Numbers of Talented Weavers.


I thought since we were on the topic of Kakahu I would share some of the photos from the welcoming ceremony where you can see different individuals wearing Kaakahu, Piupiu, Korowai or Paaki. You will see a variety in all forms of Kaakahu(Clothing – Body Adornment), not all are called Korowai for a Reason. I advise you to take notice of the different forms of Kaakahu and who is wearing them – because all types have different purposes and are worn for different reasons.





This is just to give you an understanding of what forms are out there as far as Kaakahu and Korowai go.

Definition analysis:
Kaakahu: A form of clothing made from Harakeke, Muka to Adorn the body.


Korowai (contemporarily) means: A Full Feathered Cloak made of Muka Whenu (Flax Fibre)featured in Picture 5, whereas (Traditionally) it referred to: A Full Cloak made of Muka Whenu with black Hukahuka (tag -like whenu – made of fibre) attached to create a feathered look and adorned with a Taaniko Band at the bottom (towards feet). Example of what Hukahuka looks like in the above Traditionally made Korowai. (Please correct me if I’m wrong but I think that’s made of Muka Whenu.)

I hope that you will treasure these pictues you have seen as they are Treasured works of these Artists pictured wearing them.

Thank you for reading. Hoping you all have a safe and Wonderful Xmas and a Happy New Year. xox

Lee πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Kakahu & Korowai – Weavers Hui 2011

  1. So cool to see you continue with your blog Lee – it will be of huge benefit for you now and later when you leave Toihoukura and get out on your own. It will be an important marketing tool and platform for people to see your work.

    I love your consistency to this project!

    Jo πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Jo.. Thank you for sharing this awesome Taonga with us.. i really enjoy this process of recording and communicating with the outside world. Hope you have a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for all your support!!

      Nga mihi nui,
      Lee πŸ™‚

  2. Kia Ora, i belong to a korowai group, our tutor has just completed a korowai for a young girl for her Graduation! she is Pakeha, can she use this Korowai for Tangi, this will be hers and also a Family one as well

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