Toihoukura at Clash of the Courses – 2012

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Hi there,

If you were around the Polytech last week you would have heard about the Clash of the Courses. It happens once a year and teams throughput the Poly can register teams to play.

This year we at Toihoukura were lucky enough to have two full teams to play at last Fridays sports day that was run in the afternoon down by the beach, olympic pools and in the new volleyball sand pit.

There were 6 teams all up and three sports – Touch, Volleyball and Soccer my favourite overall. Our team Toi 1 played Soccer first – it was an exciting game running up and down the sand chasing down that ball – but we got our hits in and had loads of fun and laughs.. especially when I decided to have a turn as Goalie towards the end of our game and blocked the meanest kick from our fellow Te Whatukuraians..  hitting me straight in the chest.. lol.. least it wasn’t n the face ( cos that would’ve been real sore) .. haha.. shake it off.. that was my turn taking it for the team.. and at least I didn’t have to try and chomp down three dry weet bix, a jar of crunchy peanut butter with a can of soda and a straw in it as long as a metre ruler, like I did last year ( that was a mean fail) but u know what no-one else would do it so Sweet.. lol.. I tried.

Neway, getting on with the details of our day – both teams – Toi 1 & Toi 2 got to Vs each other in our second game – was a great way to spend the day ( nice, hot summer day with that heavy breeze running through the trees, but good enough to work a bit of a sweat and burn some calories for the day.

Now all of you that didn’t get in there and play this year – I highly reccommend you get in there next year and have a jam.. you will love it.. especially too because it is an excuse to get out of the classroom, get some blood burning and socially have a great time with others that you wouldn’t usually see out on a field playing sport. A day to uplift, rejuvinate and relax once the day is done.

The night that followed included The Green Frog and the After Party and Prizegiving at The Flying Dutchman – featuring act :Ethnic Roots.

The results of the day put Te Whatukura in 1st place. Toi 1 (us) in 2nd place and Toi 2 in 3rd place.. which is awesome for us.. I’ve been in the last three years Clash of the Courses and that’s the first time we’ve placed since I’ve been here. So ka pai all you who made an awesome effort on Friday, went out there and got a bit roughed up and enjoyed their days, was great to be a part of the atmosphere and good energy flowing round that day.
Up top, I will leave you with some photos of the day with our teams competing and enjoying the day along with our supportors and much loved tutor : Mama (awesome to see you enjoying it as much as the rest of us).
Kia ora for reading
Lee 🙂

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