Glass Projects continued.. from 2010 – 2012

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Hi there,

Hope you are prepared for the warm Summer (so they reckon) well not lately.. it has been chilly the past few days, but what can we do but keep wrapped up and keep around the heater.. lol..

Recently I have been tackling a few old projects that have been sitting round waiting for me to do something about them. In 2012 our class got a chance to work with glass alongside our tutor at the time.. Tawera Tahuri. We drew out little marquettes and chose colours we would use.. We then had the tricky job of cutting the pieces out with a glass cutter and then you had to snap off pieces with pliers. Watch out if you didn’t cut it properly though.. you might wreck the whole thing.

Once pieces were cut, they were stacked on top of each other depending how many layers you chose to make.. the bigger the pendant the more layers you had to put on to build the strength.

The large pendants I made were 2 or 3 layers whereas the smaller ones for the wahine were one layer of thick glass and small rods of glass were laid on top to create effects and stuck with hairspray before going into the kilm and being fired like you do to clay, (except you need a much hotter kiln when firing glass) in order to melt and fuse the glass pieces together fully. Only 1 of my pendants come out of the kiln fired perfectly (it was in a good part of the kiln – where the heat and flame could reach it easy) but like all other pieces was left with a white residue and some on the sides from the paper that was placed under them during the firing – not too easy to get off.

The last few weeks I have been experimenting with different techniques to tidy up and sand off sharp edges and make these pieces a good standard to wear and function well. I think I did a pretty good job of cleaning them up, considering the time it took to sand them on sandstone as well as wet and dry sandpaper and then finishing them off with a diamond bit sand, and a couple coats of clear nailpolish.

Hope you enjoy the process photos

Lee 🙂


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