Te Roopu Raranga o Toihoukura

Hi there.. hope you are all lapping up this sun while it’s around and are getting out and about.. on that note I thought I would share with you all something I have been involved in this week.

Wednesday was the day that a group of Weavers and co. were asked to help clear a Pa Harakeke of a friends which required cutting back most of the plants and then digging out some to re plant in new homes. Thank you to those who made this possible and gave a huge hand in making this project successful: Hone, Aunty Ani, Erin Rauna, Brother Alex and of course Mama (Denise Te Hau). Also a big thank you to Rawinia Wright for giving us permission to go in and have access to these plants. It was a huge day now we have harakeke up to our eyeballs. Algoods though it will be a great resource.

Here are some images of the day. Sori none from before we started (forgot the camera..lol)

Hope u enjoy.

Kia ora. Lee. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Te Roopu Raranga o Toihoukura

  1. Hi Leana, Wow you lucky things, What a great way to spend the day. I cant wait to get home and get my hands on some harakeke too. Today we went to a Longhouse in Grande Rhonde, Oregon, it was so butiful. The structure is the same as a Marae but theirs are made out of huge Cedar trees. When we enter the Longhouse you must turn anti clock wise because you are entering the word of the past and when you come out you turn clockwise to enter back into the world of the living. You step down into a kind of pit, It was dark in the Longhouse, but they have a large firepit inside and the flames lighten it up. In their is where they have meetings and dances etc.
    We also visited a native schoo
    l called Chinawa Indian school, they welcomed us with their traditional songs and drums which was very special. Well take care and lovely to read what youve been doing at Toihou. Give my love to all. Tonixxxx

    1. Hey Toni.. Hope u nd Tina r both well nd havn a gud journey on the other side of the world.. Thank u 4ure comment.. It was a busy cupl days.. Glad 2b abl2 share our korero as well as hearing bout Ure experiences there.. The longhouses sound lyk a neat place 2 visit.. Ka pai u working hard over there..I hope u gt heaps of photos I’m sure you’ll hav plenty 2blog about wn u gt back.. u take care2.. Nd lots of love to u both from all of us here at Toihoukura.. Xxxx 🙂

  2. Hey there my buddy – big big ups to you and the crew for the awesome work you all put in. I appreciate the group effort as these plants were very special to me. Its great you have posted some pics and a speel. Love you heaps matey xxxxxxxxxxx

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