Matariki Exhibition.. The End of Term 2

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Hey all you lovely guys and gals,

I hope you all hada great night last night and are recovering from what was a massive event – The end of Term2 Matariki Exhibition..

Too much to all the people who had a piece in the Exhibition last night and the Gallery Crew along with Steve Gibbs for putting up a great show that we could all look at, admire and feel grateful to be a part of this ‘oh so awesome mission’ – To share with the world our stories and culture.

I must say there was some pretty awesome fashionistas (men and women alike) dressed up for the red carpet. So neat to see!! And thank u2our Manaaki crew for the service of the food and wine.

Also a big shout out to the photographers of the night, Ms Tina Osbourne and Awhina (Front of Office) who worked that camera and captured some great images of last nights event.

If you were there last night celebrating Matariki alongside us, Whanau and Friends, thank you for coming and supporting our kaupapa.. You are awesome.. xoxo

Anyway, I thought I would share a couple of images from last night that I just scored off Mama (Denise Te Hau) thank you very very much..

The people I love, my closet allies, who I have been on this journey with for the past three years.. from our OG Paetahi class of 2010.. Yeeyah..(In order of photo) Aunty Toni Sadlier, (myself), Brother Alex McMennamin, Sista Tahurangi Moana and the other Aunty.. Christie Patumaka.. Thank you all for the good times, the bad and the ugly, having you all in my life is such a blessing.. and I absolutely admire you all – you are all wonderful at what you do. The artwoks featured in this photo behind us on left: 3rd Year Degree Student Te Rangi Roimata Kutia – Tataurangi and on the right: 2nd Year Degree Student Tahurangi Moana.

In the photo above of Alex and I we are standing in front of Toni Sadlier’s Exhibition piece.. she is a fellow Year 2 Degree Student and she named her artwork: ‘Makawe Ariki’ (Hair of the Gods) stunningly made of Harakeke and Copper wire.

This term I had the priviledge of collaborating with my  buddy Brother Alex who made a series of Kuri and I was able to tautoko him with a couple of Kakahu for his dogs. This was a wonderful challenge working alongside someone I’ve got to observe and work next to since 2010. The names of the kahukuri are ‘he awhi’ and ‘he aroha’. The series of kuri is entitled ‘Snapshots’ which is about bringing whanau together and creating a portrait of that. In the photo behind our collaboration there is Alex’s solo painting based on his Kaupapa, ‘Te Kuri’.

My major solo piece was made from a mixture of Rimu, Paua, Harakeke and beads named ‘He Kaakano’ –  which is about planting a seed.. Which needs nourishment and love to make it grow.. This can be anything a thought, a belief, A child, whatever they are they all start small and then gradually overtime they develop and get larger in scale.. In this artwork I have used the harakeke as a reference to Papatuanuku and the covering of her hair giving the illusion of a kakahu..used for protection and warmth from the elements of the earth ( love) can also refer to a mother carrying a baby.. while the wood and paua are a reference to Ranginui..and the pleiades (7sisters) which supply the (nourishment)  through the sun, moon and rain which all effect the seed in some way or another..

In literal terms it means whatever we do we must take care and be gentle with it so it will shape into a ‘great seed’. Never stop loving or cherishing that seed because That is the greatest challenge.

Kia Ora, Lee:)


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