This weeks task

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Hey there,

What a week we had some beautiful sunny days along with a cold frost in the air. Nevertheless we must push on. We didn’t wake up this morning for nothing and I hope you’re all pipeing along with a burning desire inside you to do something great.

My mission this week was to prepare my wooden piece for the top of my exhibition piece this term (which is not included in these photos nor is the end result of this piece I’ve shown you in the photos). Only 4the pure fact I want to keep it a suprise at least until the full piece is completed.

This week I had a lot of fun getting out of the studio space and working with some power tools, which I thoroughly enjoyed. This included drilling holes into the wood along with the help and guidance from Makarini Soloman our Workshop Tutor who kept things simple – which I love. So shot Mucks for the time and direction you gave. Muchly appreciated.

The next job involved using a jigsaw to cut the curve out of the wood. Mucks started me off as u can see in the photo but I carried on from there and finished the cutting. Just to clear that up haha. Sanding was next and then came the cutting out and sanding of the paua bits which took forever (not really but it did take a few days to get them ready).

In the photos you can see the process and tools I used to work the paua shell including a dremel.. it’s like a drill but it has a detachable end and long nozzle with a pen like grip (which makes the job so much easier) and makes me think about putting it on my xmas list.. because it’s so

The last photos show the wood being fitted with the paua bits and after the wood had been polished with a wax to seal it and give it a shine and the paua bits were attached with aryldite (a very strong glue you don’t want to touch with your hands). Methylated spirits was used to give the shells a bit of shine and as you can see there is no photo of the end result.

Keep tuning in and be patient as I will reveal the final results when all is completed.

Thank you for reading.



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