Last weeks project

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Hi there,

Hope you are all well and getting ready to warm your house up for it may be anutha one of those nights. Cold.. nah you’re hard.

This is a late post for last weeks I missed so here’s what I got up2 last week.

This is a sample of a small project I am working on as part of a collaboration with my Bro Alex as part of His ‘Kuri’ (Dog) series.

Can’t give you too much info only that it has been fun working with, alongside a fellow student of mine, especially because we started at Toihoukura together in 2010 in Paetahi and have worked very close since our first year. It is always inspiring to see what he comes up with as you can never really see it until he has made it into a solid form – which is kewl as and like all good things they take time.

Our journey towards reaching our 3rd year has only just begun and as we strive to reach that pinnacle of success and walk out of here with our black hat, gown, upgrade in skills and BA Degree in hand we will remember that all those days and nights of working overtime to get assignments and projects done for course although it seems like they are never ending we will never be more thankful for them and appreciate those people along the way who joined us on our journey in whatever way they could and that they were totally worth it.

Too much all you fullas out there striving for something or working towards your dreams. Go hard we only get one chance so make the most of it while you are still alive.. and enjoy.. because along with work comes live it, love it and if you can dream it you can achieve it.

Hope you all have a fabulous long weekend.

Thanks for reading.



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