Love everything you do

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Hi there, another week has come to a close and another lot of learning has taken place. Big ups to all the people out there doing something with themselves and enjoying their lives.

It’s to easy to take things for granted so my lesson this week I’ve been trying to live by is appreciate what I have and all the people in my life that make every moment worth it, stay positive and Thank God everyday for what I have.

For some, a party is on the cards this weekend if so Go hard!! you only live once. For some Family, too much all those parents out there supporting their  tamariki on Saturdays at their different Sports here in the Tairawhiti and keeping their pukus full cos u know they’ll love u 4 that.. and others Study is on the To Do list.. that will be me due to a lot of relaxing and time to chill out the past week or so.. not really work and course.. haha..

Actually, everybody out there no matter where you are or what you’re doing I hope you have an awesome weekend and spend lots of time doing the things you love and spend heaps of time with those you love. It is a beautiful day outside, lap it up it may not last forever. But it will be there today!!! 🙂

This weekend I have an essay to write a seminar to start, some weaving I’d like to do with my friend Puku, a walk I’d like to take with my partner and his dog and hopefully a surf with my friend Silina (it’s been two weeks). That’s on my To Do list this weekend. What’s on yours??

The slideshow above shows a mixture of harakeke – rourou (4 corner kete) and uku work (process photos) from last term. Process photos… These will most likely be used for gifts. The clay pieces are unfired but once they are bisque fired I will paint them and keep them till the day they will be passed onto their new owners as well as the rourou.

One of my tutors once told me that you should always gift as much if not more than what you sell. This is a practice I have been doing for the past few years and they are usually small pieces either made of uku or harakeke. Not everyone does this, it is a choice not a must do just to make that clear.

Kia kaha koutou.

Kia ora.

Lee. 🙂


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