Traditional Dye Wananga..Week 1 Weaving Wananga

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Kia ora koutou.

This week has given me a chance to re visit the medium I love in a new and exciting way, ‘Raranga’. Along with being able to share the experience with a multitude of keen helpers and learners it was an all round awesome week.

This week was the first week of a two week wananga for Raranga. This week was solely based on Traditional Dyes.. Learning what they are made from for both muka dyes and paint pigments used on carvings.

It started with the plants used for the maudant (binder) you soak the muka in so that it absorbs the paru (mud) . These are amazing processes and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about them.

This slideshow is made up of pictures I captured throughout the week of the processess we watched and were involved in along with all the awesome students who attended and participated.. from the stripping of the manuka leaves ready to boil, to the heating of the kohatu in the fire and the distribution of the hot rocks in and out of the kumete to boil the water and the tanekaha bark. It took very steady hands, clean ‘v’ like manuka sticks and a great team effort. Too much you fullas. It was neat watching and working with you all. I can’t wait till next week when we do the Paper making workshop with Tina Wirihana and our visiting artist Glenda Hape.

Thank you to all the wonderful people who put a lot of time and effort into organising this Wananga and helping us learn as much as possible about these techniques.

Big ups to Tina Wirihana the brains behind this whole project and those who helped in many other ways to make this a special project for all in attendance.

Kia ora koutou katoa.

Lee 🙂


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