Another year of preparation

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Wow.. So Term 2 here we go again.. more time to explore and play with the mediums we love to use and trial all the time..

Mine: Harakeke, Muka and fidgety little things like that which take a lot of time, patience and effort to get from A to B. Like most things. Haha. 🙂

Don’t we all love the laws of life. Live, Love, Laugh and Learn as much as possible.

Exploring art has taught me a lot about myself and living life:

1)You can only take things one step at a time.

2)There is only so much you can plan and prepare for and

3)learn to compromise because things won’t always turn out how you want them, so  adapt.

So while I sit here typing and thinking about all the harakeke I harvested 2 days ago that I’ve been wanting to prepare since then (but been too busy with other things) , I know I will get it done this weekend .. Because good things take and sometimes you just have to wait and Yes I’m a bit cheesy quoting things off the mainland cheese ad.. Haha.. But that’s just me.. I like doing that..

Here is just a small slideshow of what I’ve been up to lately.. prepping harakeke and muka tags there is also an example of a couple neckpieces that I have made out of these materials along with copper wire and taaniko thread. I’ve been working on the 2 neckpieces for the last 2 years (and they are still in progress)..

Hope you enjoy..

Tune in next time for the Update with the progress of this mahi..

Kia ora

Lee 🙂


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