Hi there,Today …

Hi there,

Today I read a post from a fellow friend that was very personal but informal where they spoke about what they are preparing themselves for in the year ahead. I thought to myself ‘What am I doing to prepare myself for this year?’

I’m just gonna change subject for this part and acknowledge this beautiful artform and thank those who helped me through on the starting line.

 I have realised over the last few years of doing art within and outside of Toihoukura that you cannot rush quality.

 In many ways the quality of my work has improved only due to the fact of having great teachers and the people around me to critique and analyse my work. In my opinion I have a long way to go and there is so much more to learn.

One thing with harakeke I have learnt is you have no choice but to.. 

Note to self: Remember patience is a virtue and Good things take time.. so wait, be ready and then pursue..

When I first started weaving I felt like my whole spirit was refreshed and my mind was at ease.. and the whole experience.. the smell and the feel of the harakeke I was weaving was like my recovery period of where I had been previously in my life.. my mind, my heart and my soul somehow became connected to this wonderful artform and the earth and my spirit was set a light again.. te ahikaa.. and I began on my journey of reuniting with my family, our whakapapa, history and ties to the land.

The beginning of a journey that would change my life forever. A journey I would be forever grateful to God for helping me find my way and the ones that supported me along the way, Mum, Dad, My Brother and My Sisters (my greatest inspiration) that drove me to achieve what I have to this day. Thank you to all these ones because without you this would have never been possible.

Also a big thanks to my tutor and friend Rawinia Wright,  who helped me through my baby steps and taught me so much, not just in weaving but also your friendship and your family will always be a huge part of my life and my success.

Puku thank you so much for your time and your kind words and support over the past three years of knowing you. You are an amazing woman, with a beautiful family and a wonderful mind. You are such a talented and awesome Weaver and I hope you will return to your Teaching one day soon and continue to develop and share your knowledge with the world because you are A Great Teacher. I also hope that God blesses you with all the happiness you deserve and guides you towards your true destiny.

I love you all so much. Thank you all again for your time, effort and support you have shared with me over the years.. xoxo 🙂

So what am I doing to prepare myself?

Well first I am going to remember where I come from, who I come from and acknowledge those who have helped me along the way. Then I am going to take a deep breath and remember things will unfold gradually over time and although I have plenty ideas in my head and on paper it would be ashame to spoil it and give you all the details. So if you are following this blog, watch and wait.

Thank you so much for your support.

Kia kaha..xox:)




3 thoughts on “Hi there,Today …

  1. Beautiful Leeana!! Isnt it a great feeling to finally find yourself and know why and what you are about….Its an ongoing journey…keep going luvly…you are an inspiration to others too. xx

    1. It is great and hard work at the same time.. it is something I have been searching for a long time.. inner peace.. lol.. weaving has helped ground me a lot and for that I’m thankful.. and I hope that my journey will inspire many more people to find their passion and achieve the dreams.. because anything is possible.xx

  2. Tena Koe Lee, What a beautiful Korero. You certainly have accomplished a lot these past few years and it’s always inspiring to see (even if it is only through Facebook) someone connect with their cultural heritage, their whakapapa, whanaungatanga and their unique identity and grow and blossom into the Rose they were always supposed to be.
    Life introduces us to all kinds of people on our journey and I’m very proud to have been reconnected with you my Whanaunga. Best of luck to you in all you do, Ange, Daz and TeHeapera xo

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