Turapa.. Tukutuku and Drawing for Exhibition

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This is a small slideshow of process pictures taken while working on these projects. They were both challenging projects but I enjoyed the thought process that happens while working with these mediums.

The Turapa panel is based on a mixture of the ‘Waharua’ pattern and the ‘Patikitiki’ design which is commonly referred to as the representation of the flounder.

‘Patikitiki’ was usually found in store houses like Pataka, nowdays the wharekai. This design is a representation of a certain consellation of stars that was used to predict the weather in old times when Maori lived off the land. It was the womens job to keep an eye out 4 it. It was very important for the gathering of food and survival of the people.

I like this pattern because it helps me remember where we have come from and that our tupuna were very much a part of this process it also helps me to enjoy the fact that even though we do not practice these things today they are still very much a part of us as a people and a culture.

The drawing is named ‘Waka’ and it is based on the waharoa on top of Hikurangi maunga. The two waka are Nukutere and Horouta – which bought Hinehakirirangi on it from Hawaiiki carrying the Kumara plant (vital to the peoples survival) with her.

When you stood below and looked up at the carving you could see a representation of stars. The pleiades, ‘Matariki’ which the people on the waka used as a guide to get to Aotearoa from Hawaiiki.

I love this carving because it represents a journey, a journey that we all embark on sometime in our lives. We have something that drives us and motivates us to keep going and we have times when things don’t go well. Like the story of the Horouta waka and the wahine Te Kanawa when she took the fern root onto the waka and it began to rot, it caused a hole to bore in the bottom of the boat. In turn the men threw her overboard and eventually made it to land to find a tree to fix their waka. Hinehakirirangi planted her kumara seed and people started to settle on the land. We are now the descendants of these tupuna and there are many others as well.

Like this story, when we find we are starting to sink or vear off track from our journey we must continue to carry on no matter what because it is not only ourselves that will benefit from it but also those around us. Our whanau, our friends, the ones we love all become part of our journey.

Kia kaha on your journeys !! I hope you all reach the pinnacle of success within your lives.


5 thoughts on “Turapa.. Tukutuku and Drawing for Exhibition

  1. I love it Lee, it’s how Awesome,
    And your artwork is really beautiful, and your
    Explanation about everything,
    I’m how Proud!!

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